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Australian Swimmer, Jade Edmistone & Her Passion Out Of The Pool.

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Jade Edmistone Australian Swimming Champion Agency X Talent
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Jade Edmistone had an incredible career as an Australian swimmer breaking 5x World Records and winning 3x World Titles. The high successes in her career didn’t protect her from the low points she would tackle. Struggling to transition out of competitive swimming, going through many challenging moments with her health and mental wellbeing, Jade hit rock bottom. Now, Jade has turned her life back around and advocates for positive development and wellbeing in and outside of the pool for the next generation of swimmers. Jade puts her passion, knowledge and experience as an elite swimmer to good use through her foundation, the ONCORE Academy, book Fish Out of Water and sharing her journey to those who get the chance to hear her speak.

In the pool from the age of eight, Jade began swimming competitively by fifteen. However, by eighteen Jade had lost a friend to suicide and quit swimming. Returning two years later with drive, dedication and resilience, Jade became the fastest women in the world in a short two years. Swimming for the Australian Swim Team for five years and winning 3x World Titles and breaking 5x World Records. ​Jade’s incredible comeback to the sport was nothing short of extreme determination and drive.

Describing this time in her life as, “Being able to set the goal of becoming the fastest breaststroker the world has ever seen, and achieving it, was euphoric. It gives you confidence like nothing else, you feel unbeatable, satisfied, fulfilled, untouchable.”

After falling pregnant in 2009, Jade retired from competitive swimming and is now a mother to two girls. This period of time transitioning is described by Jade as, “completely empty, lost, unattached, unmotivated, no fight left to give, to the point where ending your life is the only thing that provides a glimmer of hope to feeling 'at ease' and being able to breathe and relax.” Jade was diagnosed with Bipolar II in 2013 and battled with her ongoing depression and mental health issues during this difficult time. In 2014, it all became too much for her and she attempted suicide. Saved by a friend who called the ambulance, she was admitted to hospital and accepted all forms of help to recover, Jade was heavily medicated and even underwent electro-convulsive therapy.

Her journey coming out of this negative place led her to begin writing her own book, Fish Out of Water, releasing it in 2016. The book is an honest, raw reflection on her experiences transitioning from life as an elite athlete into that of a ‘normal life.’ Transitioning into her new life with motherhood, relationship changes and mental health challenges, is a common fight for many athletes. Her competitive swimming career saw her become the fastest breaststrokeswimmer and retiring took her through some of the lowest points in her life.

Fish Out of Water highlights the significance of the issue and helped bring it to light and start the conversation. It has written contributions from some of Australia’s best female swimmers including Libby Trickett, Linley Frame, Samantha Riley, Petria Thomas and Jessica Schipper to name a few.

Jade Edmistone ONCORE Agency X Talent Australian Swimmer Athlete
Jade Edmistone with ONCORE Students

Jade’s experience through her difficult transition has evidently been the driving force behind her passion for helping the next generation of athletes with positive mindset and wellbeing. Jade founded the ONCORE Academy in 2016, combining her knowledge and experience as a professional athlete and passion to make a difference. ONCORE is dedicated to the development of individuals in and outside of the pool. Through helping swimmers to strengthen their skills and mindset in the pool but also empower them to be pro-active in managing their wellbeing. Jade is also currently working closely with Swimming Queensland to help them bring these two passions together and expand their programs to cover more wellness and “develop humans and not just swimmers.”

Throughout Jade’s journey, she has become incredibly open and honest with her experiences and personal challenges. She is very motivating and inspirational speaker who is passionate about opening up and being vulnerable to help others be comfortable in speaking out and working through their own struggles. Jade speaks about resilience, embracing fear, overcoming challenges and adversity, goal setting, and building confidence. Her powerful messages are captivating, audiences can identify her passion for fighting through her experiences and helping others to do so as well. Jade delivers her story at speaking engagements and workshops run through her foundation the ONCORE Academy.


Jade recently attended a swim camp to present to a group of swimmers, Paul Simms the senior coach speaks about the impact having Jade speak to the young aspiring was like,

"Jade was extremely open, no holds barred, up front and very personal. Her story was so appropriate for today's young adolescents, who from time to time, can find themselves with added pressures that can make them so vulnerable. Jade promotes that communication plays a major role in helping to have both a healthy mind and body. I know the swimmers gained a huge insight into mental health, and the different effects it can have on individuals. If Jade's openness and courage help only one athlete with similar issues, then job done!"

Agency X Talent is honored to work with this Australian champion and passionate advocate for mental health awareness. For more information on Jade Edmistone, visit, or to discuss opportunities to engage Jade as a speaker for your next event contact us at or 1300 521 605.

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