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Henrique's Passion For The Roar & Life In Australia.

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Henrique Silva Brisbane Roar Agency X Talent
Henrique 3x Championship Winner & Brisbane Roar Fan Favourite

The Brazilian born, “Slippery Fish” Henrique joined the Brisbane Roar back in 2009 on the suggestion of a friend as an injury replacement. He could never have anticipated the mark he would make on the Club and Brisbane community, a place he would eventually call home. From that first partial season, he spent playing with the Roar, it was clear how much of an asset he was to the team. Now, he has played eight seasons for the Roar and holds a special bond with the Club and the Brisbane community.

Surprisingly, Henrique left the Roar in 2016 to challenge himself in different international leagues, including a short stint with Adelaide United, however, part way through the 17/18 A-League season he rejoined the Roar. This was an unexpected opportunity, but Henrique seized the chance to once again play for the Club where he’d won 3 championships, and to move his family back from Brazil to the country where he wants his children to grow up.

For the 2018-19 season he didn’t pass up the chance to continue playing with the Roar and he’ll be running out in the #33 jersey again. This number was given to him almost 10 years ago when he first joined the Roar. Over the years he has spent playing for the Roar, Brisbane has become home for Henrique and his family.

“It means a lot to me to be back living in Brisbane and playing with the Roar because all of our good memories together have happened here in Australia and with the Brisbane Roar.”

It means a lot to the Club as well, head coach John Aloisi saying, “I know how hungry he is to help us be successful this season and we are rapt to have him back.”

An integral part of the Brisbane Roar Grand Final Championships in 2011, 2012 and 2014 Henrique also holds numerous goal-scoring titles across the league including the A-League’s highest scorer off the bench and the Roar’s second all-time highest scorer. It’s obvious to anyone who knows Henrique how much of an impact he’s made at the Club and how loved he is by the fans. “It’s very special for us to be back in here in Brisbane and for me to have the opportunity to play for such a good club as the Brisbane Roar.”

Henrique says all the grand final wins were extremely special to him but that “my favourite moment was my first game back from my ACL injury and scoring the winning goal of the match against Perth Glory!” Describing the feeling of coming back from an injury as, “amazing” and emphasising the fact that some players don’t make it back from bad injuries. For Henrique, his ACL injury hit him hard, having to recover for eight months after he’d been having such a great season.

As a professional footballer, and having played professionally in multiple countries and for various Clubs over the past fifteen years, he is motivated to help young kids and youth players on their football journey as he understands what they’re going through and how hard it can be. Saying he wants to “help with the transition from young footballer to professional” because it was hard to transition himself, not knowing how to do it and not having anyone there to guide him.

“Now that I’ve learnt from the good and bad experiences, I want to make it easier for future generations.”

Having officially become an Australian citizen in 2015 Henrique truly values being able to “raise my kids here, in such a great country.” He especially loves how multi-cultured Australia is and appreciates how much the “Australian people have welcomed” him and his family and provided “so much culture and memories.”

When asked about his favourite memories in Australia, his response wasn’t the expected visits to well-known landmarks or popular holiday destinations, it was nothing more Aussie than “heading to the beach, putting our feet in the sand and having a BBQ!”

We can’t wait to watch Henrique on the field this season with the Roar and see what he gets up to around Brisbane!


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