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The Agency X Talent Team specialises in talent representation and management for athletes across a number of local and international Australian sports. Through personal brand management and marketing, sponsorships, endorsement opportunities, education and training, we help guide our Agency X Talents through every stage of their careers.

With an assortment of marketing, technological, media, entertainment and business experience, our team are able to provide our Talents with modern and innovative solutions to strengthen their relationships with teams, fans, brands, sponsors and customers.

Our mission is to ensure our Talents understand their full potential in, and away from, their chosen expertise, and exponentially increase their reach, influence and earning power whilst creating genuine and long-lasting corporate relationships.

Our point of distinction is that we are a combination of professional athletes and experienced and qualified marketers. We truly appreciate the athlete and corporate worlds having had experience operating at the highest levels in both.





Carlie is an internationally experienced General Manager in Marketing and Digital Marketing. Throughout her career, she has held senior executive positions with major brands Caesars Entertainment, Star Entertainment Group and City Beach Australia.


Carlie launched Agency X in September 2017, having worked with athletes and celebrities for over 10+ years securing events, speaking engagements, entertainment deals, sponsorship, and endorsements. She saw the underutilisation of athletes marketing potential in Australia and launched Agency X to help high profile individuals maximise their personal brands.


With unparalleled brand marketer experience, she adopts modern methods to exponentially increase the power of her client’s brands. Carlie prides herself on her ability to identify how brands can optimise partnerships with athletes to drive business results.

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Lee is a retired professional cricketer and reality TV star from Australian Survivor. Since retirement, Lee has been non-stop, completing a Double Master’s degree and co-founding a start-up drone media business.


Finding a passion in public speaking, he has established himself as a successful media personality, including his current work as a lifestyle presenter for Qld Weekender. An in-demand Brand Ambassador, Lee has worked for brands including Holden, Jockey Underwear and Fitstop.

Giving back to his sport, cricket he is also currently the Past Player Representative for the Australian Cricketers Associations (ACA).

Lee’s successful transition from athlete into a post sporting career provides Agency X athletes, clubs and brands with a model that allows athletes to reciprocate and gain invaluable knowledge from. Transforming from athlete to entrepreneur is the most critical period of an athlete’s career, and Lee embodies the perfect model of a successful transition.


Working closely with Agency X clients, Lee is focused on providing holistic Player Management for our Agency X Talent athletes and brand content development for Clubs and Brands.

Interested to work with our talent? Please submit an enquiry form and one of our Agency X Talent team members will respond to you shortly.

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