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At Agency X Talent we specialise in connecting organisations and individuals with a network of extraordinary professional athletes for a range of coaching & clinic opportunities.

Our athletes recognise the importance and value of being able to share their skills and experiences with other like-minded people, groups, schools and clubs.

Coaching and clinic programs provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to train alongside some of Australia’s best athletes. Our athletes immense experience & success in their specific category of sport will leave attendees motivated and inspired to be better, faster, stronger players. The skills and techniques taught in these clinics are sure to unlock your team’s athletic potential and give you a huge advantage over your competitors.


Agency X Talent has access to a range of athletes from different sports and backgrounds, each with various talents, skills and techniques to share. Our aim is to align your training goals, budget and any other outcome requirements with a suitable athlete for your clinic or coaching needs.


The team at Agency X Talent shares a wealth of knowledge in the sporting, marketing and events industries. This, combined with our years of experience will ensure we connect you with the most suitable athlete for your clinic requirements.


Talk to us today about our skilled athletes that can turn your coaching clinic into a once in a lifetime training opportunity.


Interested to work with our talent? Please submit an enquiry form and one of our Agency X Talent team members will respond to you shortly.

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