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Gerry Geltch

Australian Survivor S8: Heroes v Villains
Air Fraser Island Pilot

Gerry Geltch

Gerry Geltch is the owner of Air Fraser Island, media personality, and contestant on the current season of Survivor Australia Season 8: Heroes v Villains. A man of the sun, surf and ocean, Gerry is an outgoing and passionate individual with a unique story.

In 1992, Gerry became the Chief Pilot of Air Fraser Island working alongside his father. Following the passing of his father, Gerry has since taken over the reins. Gerry has faced many challenges throughout his time in charge. In 2000, while a passenger of a 10 seater Cessna on a test flight, Gerry was involved in a plane crash where he experienced life-threatening injuries. However with the support of family and friends, Gerry made a remarkable


  • Australian Survivor Season 8: Heroes v Villains contestant

  • Air Fraser Island Pilot

  • Motivational Speaker


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recovery and was flying again within six months. In 2012, Gerry’s eldest son Dayne passed away, marking another incredibly dark time for he and his family. Gerry once again leaned on his passion and love for island life to gain the strength and commitment to regain a joy for life… a process which Gerry believes he has not yet mastered, but wishes to share his experiences on.

In 2023, Gerry is set compete in TV’s ultimate game: Survivor Australia. Ready to outwit, outplay and outlast his fellow competitors whilst left to the elements of Samoa, Gerry is ready to prove that age is just a number on his way to become the ultimate survivor.

A family man first-and-foremost, Gerry is also an aspiring actor, model and dancer, whilst also serving as a motivational speaker on the subjects of life & death situations, rags to riches stories, suicide, coping with loss, depression, anxiety, building a business, and his passion – aviation.

Gerry is a true Aussie battler.  

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