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Ashleigh Sims

Professional Boxer
& Model

Ashleigh Sims

Few athletes explode onto the professional scene the way Ashleigh Sims has!

A former full-time model, Ashleigh discovered a newfound love for the sport of boxing in recent years, training her way onto the professional scene in 2022. And WOW – did she come out swinging!

Ashleigh’s debut fight against opponent Shanell Dargan left viewers astounded at the competitor’s ferocity, with both competitors exchanging a stunning barrage of blows across four two-minute rounds. Viewers and commentators alike heralded Ashleigh’s performance, with legendary boxing commentator Barry Michael declaring the bout one of the best women’s fights he had seen.   

Sport: Professional Boxer & Model


  • Professional Boxing Star

  • Nationally & Internationally Recognised Model

  • Founder of Asriq




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Ashleigh has since gained significant notoriety for her performance, and although a rematch with Dargan is certainly on the cards, she seeks to carry the moment of her explosive debut to even greater heights, whilst inspiring her many fans on the way.

While tenacious inside the ring, Ashleigh balances life outside as a loving mother to her two kids and husband Tariq (a professional rugby league player and tenacious athlete in his own right). Ashleigh is also the proud founder of Asriq, a luxury body oil and perfume brand inspired by her experiences in Egypt and her love for the country’s rich history, breathtaking fragrances, and opulent way of life.   

With her experience as a model & influencer and notoriety as an up-and-coming boxing star, Ashleigh offers brands with a limitless degree of beauty, fitness, and tenacity that is unmatched by no other.

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  • Product Endorsements

  • Social Media Campaigns

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  • Marketing Campaigns


  • Licensing deals

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  • Brand Ambassador


  • ​​​School Awards Nights & Graduation Ceremonies​

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  • Motivational Speaker

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  • Corporate Conferences & Conventions

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  • Radio, TV and Podcasts

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  • Coaching programs for individuals and small groups

  • Coaching programs for schools and clubs

  • Coaching Clinics


  • Birthday Parties

  • Meet & Greets

Derived from recollections of her worldwide travels, Ashleigh’s Asriq brand offers perfume scents handcrafted with love and inspired by the burning sunsets, breathtaking views, and perfume oil lined streets of ancient Egypt. Designed to transport you back to a distant memory or moment in life, Asriq’s nourishing skincare and long-lasting fragrances will feed your body and soul with the essence of luxe.  


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