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Former Socceroo, Jade North & His Foundation, Kickin' With A Cuz.

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Jade North, Kickin' With A Cuz, Indigenous Football
Jade North's Kickin' With A Cuz

Jade North is one of Australia’s most decorated football players, with a career spanning almost 20 years, he was the first Indigenous captain for the Australian National Team making 41 appearances for the Socceroos. He has won multiple championships including being a two-time A-League Champion, and two-time Olympian. Jade has a long list of football achievements however describes the honour of winning NAIDOC Sportsperson of the Year as one of his “biggest sporting achievements to date” and “one of the proudest moments of his career.”

Outside of football, Jade has been building his foundation Kickin’ With A Cuz which is an Indigenous football program designed to inspire Indigenous kids to make better life choices. Jade’s mission is to have enough Indigenous football players to one day warrant an Indigenous Football Academy.

The Kickin’ With A Cuz Foundation was recently part of Computershare’s Change a Life Foundation Dinner which raised funds for the Foundation and World Youth International. The evening was a huge success for Jade and his foundation with over 300 people in attendance. Night’s like these are significant as they assist with starting the conversation about helping disadvantaged Indigenous kids, raising money for the Foundation and increasing awareness of the program to the public.

During the dinner Jade gave a speech and shared his motivation behind starting Kickin’ With A Cuz. He gave the audience an insight into his struggles growing up in a disadvantaged community and the racial discrimination he faced as an Indigenous child. Jade captivated the audience as he reflected on growing up in a family that had problems with alcohol and drug use, the temptation in his community to use drugs, and the worry he felt of what people might have thought of his family home and Indigenous heritage.

Jade reflected on having to use second, sometimes third-hand football boots, describing the pain the nails, which had been used to fix the boots, would inflict as they eventually came through the leather onto his toes, causing his feet to bleed during training and games. Jade gave the audience an honest and raw account of his life growing up and the struggles that he faced.

Attendee Paul Smith described Jade as “nothing short of inspirational” and highlighted his determination as “an example to everyone - if you want something bad enough and work hard enough, you will achieve your dreams! If you ever get a chance to hear this guy present, take it!

Jade’s story of growing up in a disadvantaged home, racial discrimination and his difficult family circumstances with alcoholism and drug use, have all contributed to Jade’s motivational journey to rise above these circumstances and give everything he had to succeed in his professional football career.

Jade North with Agency X Employees Carlie Green-Medina and Tylah McDonald Agency X Talent Agency X
Jade North with Agency X team Carlie & Tylah at the Change a Life Foundation Dinner

Jade is available to share his captivating story of growing up, overcoming racial discrimination and identifying with his culture, mental health challenges and his inspiring journey to become a professional footballer.

For your next corporate, charity function, or school awards night, Jade is an inspirational speaker proven to inspire both adults and children with his powerful story.

For more information on Jade, visit:, alternatively to discuss opportunities to work with Jade contact us at or call 1300 521 605.

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