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Brisbane Roar's, Jack Hingert & The RSPCA QLD.

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Jack Hingert RSPCA Ambassador Agency X Talent Athlete Footballer
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Jack Hingert is a recognised A-League professional football player and long-term Brisbane Roar fan favourite. Jack’s football career began at a young age in England playing for several clubs before moving to Australia with his family when he was 14 years old. His first professional A-League contract was with the North Queensland Fury FC, where he played for two seasons before making the move to Brisbane Roar in 2011. Having played with the Roar for seven years now, Jack has won 2x Championships and recently re-signed for another two years.

What few people realise is that outside of his football career, Jack has been an RSPCA advocate and ambassador for the last 2 years. His commitment has been far more than an occasional appearance or social media post, for Jack, he is passionate about dogs and the work that the RSPCA does. For the last four years, a significant part of Jack's partnership with the RSPCA has been fostering and caring for dogs from all different breeds, ages, and walks of life.

Jack always loved dogs growing up, and as soon as he and Symmie his partner was in the position to foster, they jumped at the chance to do so. Fostering six dogs together before Jack became an ambassador for the charity and now they’re onto their fourteenth! Their incredible generosity to animals in need and assistance to the RSPCA is hugely inspirational. Jack is driven to continue fostering dogs mainly because of the positive changes they have from being in their home.

"Just seeing the change in their personality and behaviour since being in a stable, loving environment is incredible. There is nothing more rewarding than helping these poor mistreated pups find themselves and a new, loving family and, likewise, the family a new companion."

CEO of the RSPCA Queensland, Mark Townend speaks highly of Jack's contribution to the charity,

"Jack has been an incredible supporter of the RSPCA for many years both at home as a foster carer for our dogs, and on the footy field helping to spread the word about the RSPCA to his fans. We at RSPCA Qld are truly grateful for his passion for animal welfare and dedication as an ongoing foster carer for pets in need. Despite his hectic travel schedule, Jack is always eager to assist us, and we are thankful to have him on board as an RSPCA Ambassador."

Jack Hingert With Dog
Jack With His 14th Foster Dog, Lola.

Their current foster pup, Lola is a gorgeous two-year-old, Whippet/Bull Arab who will be available for adoption soon!

"The happiness these animals bring to people is life-changing, and we feel privileged to be a part of it. We enjoy our relationship with the RSPCA and will continue to support them! We highly recommend fostering/adopting for this wonderful organisation."

Jack expects to continue fostering dogs for some time before himself and Symmie settle down with one of their own.

Jack is an excellent example of an athlete utilising his public profile to educate and raise awareness for a great cause like the RSPCA.

“Working for a charity like the RSPCA Is very important to me as I believe that along with being a professional athlete you need to find a way to give back to the community and need to have interests outside of football. I think it’s important to be a role model and show that even though football is my first priority there’s still plenty more you can do outside of that. When you experience firsthand what it means to help out a charity, it can be quite rewarding to see how much of a difference you can make to others.”

We are incredibly proud to work with a person like Jack. He is available for appearances, events, sponsorship and more. His enthusiastic, fun and active personality engages a crowd and makes him fantastic to partner with for a range of opportunities.

Keep up to date and follow Jack on insta at @jack_hingert.

For more information about Jack, please visit:, alternatively to discuss opportunities to work with Jack contact us at or call 1300 521 605.

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