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Are you looking for a female speaker for your next event? Jodie Fields, Jade Edmistone and Karina Brown are three inspirational female athletes who have all reached many pinnacles of success throughout their different athletic careers. In addition to their achievements in sport, these three powerful women each have a driving force, passion or project outside of their most prominent roles as athletes. 

Whether it’s equal opportunities for female development, league recognition for female teams or improvements to the development and management of mental health and wellbeing for athletes – they each have a hunger for change.  

In an industry mostly dominated by males, these extremely driven athletes have all overcome challenges, risen to perform at the highest level and achieve incredible accomplishments. 

Their honest reflections capture the struggles they may have faced, injury setbacks, athlete mindset, attitude and personal challenges that all contributed to their journey. The retelling of their many pinch yourself moments will have any type of audience inspired. Although, it’s their actions outside of their sport that will leave your International Women’s Day audience with a spark! 

If you’re looking for a speaker to inspire an audience at your upcoming International Women’s Day Event – Jade, Jodie and Karina are guaranteed to have your audience uplifted and energised



  • Leadership

  • Resilience

  • Owning Introversion

  • Taking On Change  

  • Overcoming Adversity

  • Equal Opportunities for Women in Sport & Corporate Environments 

  • Motivation & Mindset


Former Australian Cricket Captain

  • Captained 2x Winning World Cup Teams

  • Queensland Sportswoman of the Year

  • Jodie Fields Young Cricketer Scholarship

Queensland’s first woman to captain the Australian Cricket Team & deserved recipient of the Queensland Sportswoman of the Year in 2013, Jodie Fields has led Australia to two World Cup victories during her successful cricket career spanning nearly two decades.

Jodie is a driven individual, using her achievements and experience in the Australian sporting industry as a platform to foster change for women in sport and corporate environments. 

She made history when she drove the renewed memorandum of understanding (MOU) for Australian cricket to include both men and women in the same agreement for the first time.

In 2014, Jodie launched a personal scholarship scheme with UQ Business School, Kookaburra Sport, and the QLD Cricket Association, that assists with the development of young female cricketers. 

Jodie is a captivating speaker that inspires audiences with her talks about leadership, resilience and owning introversion, motivating listeners to take on change and move forward through adversity.



  • Leadership 

  • Resilience 

  • Equal Opportunities for Women in Sport & Corporate Environments

  • Development of Pathways for Women in Sport

  • Creating Change

  • Mindset & Dedication

  • Diversity


Professional Rugby League Player 

  • Australian Jillaroo

  • NRLW Sydney Roosters Player

  • State of Origin Queensland Maroons Captain

Australian Jillaroo, Karina Brown has played for 2x World Cup Winning Australian Rugby League Teams, 5x Queensland Maroons Teams including captaining the last two squads. In 2018, she was a part of history playing in the inaugural NRLW Premiership for the Sydney Roosters, who also made the Grand Final. 

Karina reflects on looking up to big name Rugby stars growing up but now knows young girls will have plenty of female role models to inspire them to go after their NRL dreams. 

In 2012, Karina started and Captained the Women’s Burleigh Bears team for five years, including winning 2x Premierships with the team. She didn’t stop there though, joining forces with her partner Vanessa, to start another women’s team the East Tigers where they both currently captain. 

Karina is a born leader and agent for change, who is constantly striving for women to be equally recognized in the League. She speaks passionately about her drive to challenge any setback and continue to go after her personal goals regardless of gender. 



  • Athlete Transition 

  • Mental Health Struggles 

  • Overcoming Adversity & Challenges

  • Managing Stresses of High-Performance Sport 

  • Resilience & Acceptance

  • Building Confidence & Goal Setting


Australian Swimming Champion

  • 5x World Record Holder

  • 3x World Title Winner

  • Australian Commonwealth Games Athlete

Jade Edmistone is an Australian swimming champion who broke 5x World Records and won 3x World Titles during her time as an elite athlete. Now, an entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker – Jade is an incredibly driven and motivated individual. 

Although, her achievements in the pool didn’t protect her from the challenges she would face once retiring from the sport and having to adjust to a “normal life.” Battling with serious mental health issues and having to fight her way back from her darkest place. 

In her powerful book, “Fish Out of Water” she reflects on her struggles transitioning out of her sport and the mental health battles she overcame. She is passionate about encouraging sports leagues to improve athlete development by including a focus on mental health and wellbeing as well.   

Jade talks openly about her experiences as a professional athlete, the pressure it brings and her private battle with depression both during and post-career. Her honest and down to earth approach delivers a moving & relatable narrative for audiences, that will be sure to leave feeling motivated and inspired. 

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