Damien Rider

Extreme Adventure Athlete

Damien Rider

We see our favourite actors performing logic defying stunts like parachuting off the top of a Hot Air Balloon, and endurance athletes performing mean feats that push their bodies to limits that no ordinary person would dare to reach.

What if I told you Damien Rider combines endurance and craziness… all for fun?

Damien Rider is a multiple world-record-holding Adventure & Extreme Sports Athlete, motivational speaker, mindset coach, humanitarian, author and documentarian – with a passion for pushing himself to the absolute limits, and teaching the masses with his experiences and stories.

With a single goal of testing his individual limitations, Damien has built a career by setting out extreme goals and achieving them. His inspiring feats include;

Sport: Multi World Record Breaking, Extreme Adventure Athlete


  • Numerous INSANE endurance and logic defying challenges!

  • Creator of One Breath Meditation

  • x2 National Geographic feature documentaries

  • TEDx Speaker

  • Internationally renowned Motivational Speaker & Mindset Coach


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  • Climbing out of a Hot Air Balloon basket to the top by rope ladder, with no parachute, 30% less oxygen, -1 degree temperatures, 40 kph winds, at 10,000 feet;

  • Skydiving off the TOP of a Hot Air Balloon at 7,500 feet;

  • Paddling 800 kilometers for 17 days in shark-infested water along the Australian Coast;

  • Skateboarding along the entirety of Route 66 for 56 days in the scorching heat of the Mojave Desert;

  • and running a marathon with a mattress on his shoulder with the message “Never lay down, Never give up”, all for his cause;

… to name a few.

While Damien may appear crazy, his ultimate intent is to seek authentic experiences by exposing himself to extreme degrees of physical, mental and emotional trauma and stress, and learn from those experiences in hopes of unravelling new discoveries about himself and the limits of the human body & mind.

With this knowledge and experience, Damien has found extraordinary value in motivational speaking and devoting time as a life & mindset coach. Damien is the creator and author of One Breath Meditation, which provides insight into his progressive method of meditation and breath work that empowers athletes and businesspeople alike to calm their body and mind, get rid of anxiety, and live an overall healthier life – all within a single breath. Damien has also produced two National Geographic feature documentaries and serves as a TEDx talker within the Asia Pacific region and the United States.

In addition, Damien is an avid humanitarian, founding the Rider Foundation which works to build sport facilities, schools, and development beach houses for disadvantaged children around the world. He created the first Child Abuse Awareness Week for Australia and Thailand and participates in countless other humanitarian and charitable efforts in his global travels.

Previously awarded Men’s Health Man of the Year and two-time Australian of the Year nominee, Damien is widely known as a resilient, positive and humble individual who is always keen for a chat or a story. With his personability and life experiences, Damien is not only the ultimate athlete, but the ultimate guest speaker, ambassador or partner for any brand.

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