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At Agency X Talent we specialise in connecting organisations with a network of well known, highly respected and influential professional athletes with a well-established, passionate fan base and strong social following.


Partnering with our high-profile athletes for a marketing campaign, brand endorsement or ambassadorship enables organisations to reach large, engaged audiences, while associating their brand with the affinity the audience already feels for the athlete.


With our athlete’s achievements and successes continuing to grow, so does their fan base and therefore their influence. These influencers are household names, and their audiences range from super-to-casual fans. Their influence stretches far beyond social media, adding instant credibility and affinity to any campaign they are involved in.


Agency X Talent has access to a range of athletes from different sports and backgrounds, each with various reach and exposure opportunities. Our aim is to align your organizations goals, budget and campaign requirements with a suitable influencer for your intended audience.


The team at Agency X Talent shares a wealth of knowledge in the sporting, marketing, advertising, digital and social media industries. This, combined with our years of experience will ensure we connect you with the most suitable athlete for your audience and campaign objectives.


Talk to us today about how we can work together to maximise opportunities to influence your audience, promote your product offerings or endorse your brand.



Interested to work with our talent? Please submit an enquiry form and one of our Agency X Talent team members will respond to you shortly.

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